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Industry 4.0
Managed and Secure Connectivity

We provide everything you need to connect

your Industrial product or service securely,
from device to cloud with the only all-in-one M2M platform on the market.

What we do differently
See how we differentiate from other suppliers

Lifecycle Management and
Secure Connectivity as a Service

Industrial IoT is not an end in itself but has to follow economic rules. We believe in connectivity as a valuable good instead of selling you just another piece of hardware. We are convinced you would have other priorities than hiring experts to manage  daily operation, security and compliance.

Ease of Use

IoT is a complex task but no hermetism. We follow a consequent usability approach to make deployment and operation fast, easy, reliable and user friendly.

Serious Security


We have a profound understanding of security technologies and know that it is not a state, but rather a continuous process to be up-to-date. That's why we provide lifecycle management: updates, patches and compliance reports. And we use state-of-the-art techniques, like end-to-end encryption, secure boot, security modules and a dedicated certificate authority (CA).

Industrial Grade

Our hardware platforms are designed to be compliant to industrial requirements. We support criticial infrastructures, public transport and heavy-duty industrial applications alike.

Data Autonomy


Instead of introducing just another insecure cloud service aggregating customer data, we explicitly don't want your data to cross our systems. We manage connectivity and security of endpoints, but your data belongs to you only.


No application will last forever, but investments have to be protected.  We believe in transparency: open code to let you see why you believe, open standards, independency of carriers, modem vendors, cloud destination and even hardware. Lock-in constructions are behind the times.

Made in Europe

Due to our security and high-reliability focus, production and development takes place in Europe only. We develop our hardware and software 100% in-house.