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Secure and Modular Industrial IoT Platform

While the number of connected devices is expected to tremendously grow within the next years, only very basic security features - if any - are deployed in most of the installations.


The result is an increasing number of attacks due to serious vulnerabilities: spoofing, tampering, repudiation, information disclosure, espionage, elevation of priviledge and denial of service (DoS) or service disruption are the result. Unsufficient protection of critical infrastructure is the number one risk within the industry.




We follow a distinctive secure by design approach combining highly secure hardware (secure boot, storage protection, communication protocols and others) with continuous and sustained device management and cloud computing.


Trustio solutions are designed to be reliable, scalable and secure like no other gateway available on the market.


From a management platform to ready-to-use devices to custom designed adaptations, Trustio offers a comprehensive and modular portfolio of state-of-the-art IIoT security at industrial grade.



Trustio Continuity

Trustio LTE

Trustio Ethernet

Trustio LPWAN

Trustio Cert

Trustio Continuity
Security & Device Management Platform

Reliable and scalable IoT solutions require an efficient way to manage devices remotely.


Trustio Continuity is the next generation device management system focusing on connectivity and security management, ready to operate several thousand devices in parallel.


Deliver devices and provision on-site and remotely without expert knowledge required.

• Zero-Touch deployment

• Network and secure connectivity

• Certificate management

• Security monitoring

• Remote Updates (Patch management)

• Connectivity/SIM/eSIM management

• Alarming and API to SIEM systems

• Compliance reporting

• Professional usability

• On-premis or cloud-based installation

Trustio LTE
The Secure Industrial IoT

LTE Gateway Platform

Gateways are the exposed cyber doors between the applicaton and the Internet and the interface to the physical world.


Within a holistic security concept, they form the root of trust together with other layers of security measures.


What looks like an easy task becomes a complex and ressource-binding challenge that classic hardware and device manufacturers can hardly master:


• Hardware security

• Software security

• Continuous security management (updates, fixes)

• Global cellular connectivity

• Wireless protocols (Bluetooth, ZigBee, WirelessHART)

• Industrial protocols

• Type approvals

The Trustio LTE platform is the perfect basis for your managed and secure mobile connectivity solution.


Combine proven building blocks for your made-to- measure industrial gateway solution:


• LTE global

• eSIM ready

• GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Beidou. Galileo)

• Wireless protocols IEEE 802.15.4

• Secure key storage (or TPM)

• Secure Boot

• Operating system

• Custom connector shields (RJ-45, M12)

• Industrial temperature range

• Ready-to-use mechanics

• Remote management via the

  Trustio Continuity Platform



This unique features make it the ideal solution for a variety of industrial IoT applications.


• Industrial IoT/Sensor Network Gateway

• Retrofitting Substation Automation

• Asset tracking (Bluetooth Beacons)

• Passenger Information Systems

• Condition Monitoring



Trustio Ethernet

Endpoint Security Node

for Connected Devices

For applications that are connected with wired network connections Trustio Ethernet is the platform of choice.


Add your defined endpoint of trust to manage security and end-to-end data encryption: scalable, easy to deploy and industrial grade.

Trustio Ethernet is the modular platform of your choice to add an additional layer of trust to remotely connected applications.


Add encryption, firewall functionality, tamper detection, combined with remote management and be ready for the next generation of IoT security.

This unique features make it the ideal solution for a variety of industrial IoT applications.


• Condition Monitoring

• Predictive Maintenances

• Retrofitting Control Systems



• Digital Signage


Trustio LPWAN
The Secure Endpoint for your

Low-Power Wide-Area Network Application

We offer the next generation platform for low-power IoT solutions, featuring latest security beyond wireless protocol standards.


Trustio LPWAN is the secure platform for your LPWAN application with hardware trust anchor, secure boot, zero touch deployment and advanced device management.


Combine NB-IoT, Cat M1, LoRa or SIGFOX with wireless or wired field-bus interfaces to get applications deliver data securely into the cloud system of your choice.

This unique features make it the ideal solution for a variety of industrial IoT applications:


• Sensor Network Gateway

• Condition Monitoring

• Passenger Information Systems

• Asset tracking (Bluetooth Beacons)

Trustio Cert
Secure Key and Certificate Management

Suite for Production

Device security has to start in production.

Crypto Authentication with hardware-based cryptographic key storage and firmware attestation (secure boot) are appropriate means to protect your embedded devices.


Trustio Cert allows on-site and on-demand key and certificate management and flexible integration into your mass production and production systems.



• Key insertion during manufacturing

• Certificate Management

• Secure device identification & Secure Boot

• No expert knowledge required

• No external sources of trust required

• Custom integration into existing production systems

• Audit trails

• High availability

Trustio Cert Building Blocks


•  Solution consulting

•  Hardware design consulting and

   component selection

•  Software Source Code for device communication

•  Trustio Cert Appliance

•  Software integration into your production system

•  Continuous updates and maintenance